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Living A Confident Retirement Lifestyle...

Having The Control Over Your Money So You Can Spend With Confidence...

Being Able To Grow Your Wealth With Peace Of Mind...

More Safety of Your Money...

Enjoying a lifetime of security thanks to a lifetime of dependable income...


For over 47 years, the Group 10 Financial Team has dedicated their lives to helping people live confident retirement lifestyles. They work side-by-side with their clients, walking them through a simple process of discovering their goals and educating them on distinct strategies and financial solutions to help achieve goals and lower risk. The key word is education...we are truly committed to your education and adding measurable value to your life.


 Jerry & Nick have been featured in numerous magazine articles.
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Who We Are...
Founders Jerry and Nick Royer 
and the rest of the Group 10 
Financial Team specialize in
retirement income, and cashflow
for life planning.  They have a 
legal fiduciary duty to do what’s 
in a clients best interest. 
The Royer’s are TV news 
contributors,Radio Show hosts,
and have been featured in 
numerous magazine articles. 
Click on the magazine on the 
right to read one of their 
articles or click below to find out
more about them and their team.
Partnership with one of the nations largest financial conglomerates...
We are part of one of the nations largest financial conglomerates with the philosophy to educate our clients so they can make the best decisions for themselves. We are one of a select number of certified firms nationwide demonstrating a superior level of capabilities and knowledge. This means we are able to offer incredible opportunities, up-to-date resources, decades of experience, and financial knowledge that is in a class of its own.
We Provide Financial Solutions and Access To Virtually The Entire Universe of Financial Options Without Limitation
We find that many retirees have been 
sold various financial 
products, but do not 
have a solid financial plan 
or purpose for their money. 
We first find your goals 
and match your goals to
 the various financial 
programs available. 
We only choose the 
best programs and hire 
the best money managers. 
In fact, our Registered Investment Advisor was Ranked in the Top fastest growing firms nationwide. Click on the magazine picture to read the article.
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